How many Electoral College votes does a candidate need to win the election?
How many times has Joe Biden run for US president?
He's run in 1988, 2008 and, of course, 2020.
What’s the fewest number of states a candidate can win and still be elected president?
A candidate can win 270 Electoral College votes just by winning: California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina and New Jersey – this however would be hugely unlikely and no president has ever won an election with fewer than 23 states won.
How many electoral college votes did Trump win in 2016?
Which state has the most electoral college votes?
California has 55 votes, Texas has 38, Arizona has 11, and New York has 29.
How many voting members sit in the US House of Representatives?
Who is the longest-serving US president in history?
FDR served for 4,422 days from 1933 to 1945.
How many of the 45 US presidents served a second term?
Who was the first president of the United States?
How many presidents have been impeached?
Andrew Johnson (1868), Bill Clinton (1998), Donald Trump (2019).
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